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About Jennifer

Jennifer was born Neuquen, Argentina (part of the Patagonia region)
and moved with her family to Los Angeles at the age of 6,
right before the Argentinian government fell apart.

Jennifer Esteban is the daughter of a successful business man /artist
with whom she spent a great deal of her childhood with,
while working in the family business /shop.

Today, Jennifer is a multi-talented and multi-occupational artist
and business woman. Shooting fashion, beauty,
and commercial photographer based in LA and with 9 years of photography
experience plus 17+ years of painting behind her, she brings
with her a unique Vision for her images.

She began her first business as a sculpture painter at the age of 13,
with the help and guidance of her father.
The business transformed and led her to other work for the next few years.
At the age of 16 she began a side business on eBay, making custom-fitted
leather arm accessories and decorative masks which she made
while sitting in the back of her high school classes.

Surprisingly, Jennifer’s journey to photography began
at the age of 13 when she discovered and taught herself photoshop and
took a turn at the age of 19 while pursuing modeling, inspired by
her own desire to transform her own photos into works of art.
Her photography began with self-portraiture for the first few years
while she gathered experience before taking on collaborations or projects.

Jennifer also has a series of artworks which she calls
“Digital Playground”, a digital art collection where she creates
worlds that may be close to impossible to reproduce in real life.
This is where she blends creativity
with her painting and photoshop skills.

Published in:
Kai’outi Magazine
Dark Beauty Magazine
deVour Magazine
Flawless Magazine
New York Times

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