Jennifer Esteban


About Jennifer

Jennifer was born Neuquen, Argentina (part of the Patagonia region)
and moved with her family to Los Angeles at the age of 6
with her family. She grew up at her dad’s art studio where
she learned to work with 3D art under his guidance.

Today, she is a boutique fashion, beauty,
and commercial photographer based in LA.

Jennifer’s journey to photography began
at the age of 13 when she discovered and taught herself photoshop and
took a turn at the age of 19 while pursuing modeling, inspired by
her own desire to transform her own photos into works of art.
Her photography began with self-portraiture for the first few years
before taking on collaborations or projects.

Jennifer has a series of artworks which she calls
“Digital Playground”, a digital art collection of fantasy realism
blended with fashion.

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