Hi, I'm Jennifer

I started photography when I was 19. I didn’t have a plan, I simply enjoyed taking photos and editing on photoshop. I took pictures mainly to practice editing and discover what the camera did. I was really inspired by editing creative fantasy worlds. Eventually I needed better production quality so I convinced people to collaborate on my visions with me. People seemed to like it so they started asking me if they could hire me…

I kept saying YES

I spent the next 5-6 years offering to shoot a lot of different things. I worked on album covers, live events, products, fashion, beauty, portraits, magazine work, and more! During this time I was able to expand my equipment and really hone in on the lighting control as well as create a diverse portfolio. I also learned how to produce and work together with large teams of models, makeup and hair artists, stylists, designers, art directors, PR agents, assistants, and more.. This became a huge step in my experience.

Commercial Photography

After several years of experimenting and testing with lighting and editing, I began working in marketing and ended up doing a lot of commercial work for various clients. I mainly shot beauty, fashion, and product photography for print, catalogue, and e-commerce.

People choose to work with me because of my attention to detail in editing, my experience and comfort with different lighting situations, and because I understand what makes an impressive image.

If you’re looking for high quality photos and have questions, I’m happy to consult with you about what you need to get the best bang for your buck.

Real Estate Photography

One day my friends asked me to shoot their AirBnB unit and then my direction was changed and my love of photography grew even stronger. I quickly made a portfolio and developed the skills and techniques to catch up to the professional real estate photographers. I’ve been able to expand a team to create a smooth process and have now shot hundreds of homes. I offer packages with drone video and photography, 360 virtual tours using Matterport, video tours, and more.

I am hoping to expand into beautiful hotels and restaurants in the near future.