Picture of Jennifer Esteban, Los Angeles based Entrepreneur and Interiors & Architectural Photographer.

Birthplace: Argentina

Raised in: Palos Verdes, CA

Personality types: ENFJ , 4/6 Projector, Aquarius/Pisces cusp – Libra moon -Sag rising, Type A

Animal Spirit:  Fox

Special Skills: Not leaving things for tomorrow, big-picture vision and strategy, tunnel vision, & driving in the opposite direction of where I’m supposed to go.

Languages: Spanish, English, & Portuguese.

As a daughter of a renaissance man, she grew up in a very dynamic environment with art and design, science, technology, and philosophy as some of the core topics in the home. 

Jennifer’s photography journey is an entire world of its own and you can read her story of getting started and developing as a photographer here.

While photography has played a huge role in her life, her calling lies in tackling bigger issues.

Jennifer’s fervent dedication lies in identifying and tackling the systemic issues that plague the world, ranging from housing, poverty, and animal welfare to culture, mindset, and environment. Her passion for these subjects goes beyond a mere interest, as she considers it her life’s work to contribute towards creating innovative solutions that enable individuals to realize their full potential.

Maslow describes in his hierarchy of needs, the levels one must go through to reach one’s own potential. At the base levels are the needs of home and security, followed by friendship. Having these needs in place makes it possible for people to prioritize things like ones own purpose and discover who they are capable of becoming.

FriendsMates was created to help people have safety and security around the basic home and friendship needs so that they could better focus on those higher aspirations and potential. I am excited for the ways I plan to use it to help in the ways of culture, mindset, and environment as well. 

On her free time, she volunteers as an animal foster and gathers supplies and donations for various animal shelters, spends her time gardening and growing food, learning more about permaculture, compost, soil, etc… And leads her own community house for entrepreneurs in the Hollywood Hills.

She also spends her time understanding how to apply the philosophy of holism to the various broken parts of our communities, from recycling to animal shelters, education, employment, and more.