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Brian G, President of Gladlash

Jennifer is a real pro. I've used her over the past 2 years because she has consistently done good work. I tried hiring a different photographer once and had to redo everything, we came right back to her. She knows her stuff!


Scott K, Real Estate Investor

This girl is amazing. Vivid use of colors, unique and cutting edge shots. Check out her portfolio. Keen eye for detail and knows how to deliver just what the client is looking for. Highly recommended for any client looking to capture the attention to their homes.

Mark M, Realtor

Jennifer Esteban is a picture of professionalism and talent. She not only delivers the best quality of work but does so promptly and her prices are the best in town. She responds quickly, is on time to the locations, and always over delivers. We've hired her for over 50 shoots now, it's like she's part of our team.

Looking for a photographer?

Since 2005 I've gotten the opportunity to meet many amazing people working on various projects. What drives me is hearing my client's joy after receiving my images and hearing they want to work with me again. I love to build ongoing relationships with my clients and working with them as they have more image needs.

Why do my clients keep working with me?
• Great service
• Great prices
• Consistent quality
• My "whatever it takes" mindset

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