Virtual Staging

360 Virtual Tour


How do you base your rates? 

Our pricing is very competitive and is determined by the size of the property and total number of rooms.

Do you charge more to shoot in Orange County? 

We usually have a 30-40 minute travel limit from Studio City, Los Angeles. Orange County is in the 1-hour + range and is subject to an additional fee (around $50). Downtown LA, Santa Monica, Malibu, Calabasas, Santa Clarita, and Pasadena are the usual markers for us.

How long until I get my images back? 

Stills photography is within 24 hours but we have made same-day exceptions if people ask and my schedule permits. Virtual Staging is 24-48 hours. 3D Virtual Tours and floor plans are 24 hours.

Its raining but I need the pictures now, is there a way to make the images look like it’s not raining? 

Yes! We can do a sky replacement to make it look sunny out! Indoor pictures are possible and we can discuss depending on what is outdoors in the view!

How do I receive the photos? 

At this time, we use dropbox. We are looking into other options as well.

The MLS takes forever to upload the full-res images, can you resize them before sending them to me so I can upload quickly? 

Yes! We don’t do this automatically so if you need them resized please ask! If you’re an ongoing client, you won’t have to ask again 🙂

Do you offer video?

Great question! We’re getting ready to offer this and are working/practicing to make sure we can consistently provide you with top quality videos. Coming soon!

Whats the best way to schedule a shoot with you? 

Call or text me! I like to talk to everyone on the phone before I show up somewhere so please feel free to reach out or send me a text with a good time to call you. And don’t forget to add me on instagram!!