Need help communicating with your roommate?

It’s very common for people who live together to get under each other’s skin. However, things left unsaid can often lead to bigger problems and need more care. Sometimes you just need a little help from the outside to help detangle the communication knot. 


Values & Approach

I see communication as an art in listening, expressing, and reintegrating.

Listening: Hearing fully what the other person wants to express and creating the environment where they feel comfortable enough to share even if it comes out imperfectly.

Expressing: Understanding what is really driving our needs and then how to express them clearly so the other person can understand what you want.

Reintegrating: From a place of understanding, being able to move into a new reality, forgive the conflict that was experience, and move forward with a positive feeling.

I use different styles and techniques to identify where we are creating judgements, resentments, assumptions, creating stories, and resorting to passive aggression.

My Goal

To help you come out of our session with a deeper awareness of yourself and the other person, be able to see each other clearly with no judgement, and with tools to work things out on your own.

What to Expect

First we will establish safety and openness at the beginning of our call.

After establishing a safe and supportive environment as well as our goals and intention… you will receive guidance to express yourselves and actively listen to one another. I will encourage you to respond and acknowledge when you have truly heard and understood each other.

If any individual requires assistance in comprehending their own motivations or understanding the root causes of their emotions, I will ask relevant questions to facilitate a deeper understanding, enabling clearer expression.

As an impartial mediator, all conversations held during our sessions are treated with complete confidentiality. Rest assured that your privacy is prioritized.

Additionally, I will offer suggestions and insights to help navigate and resolve various challenges whenever deemed appropriate, drawing from my expertise and understanding of the situation.

Together, we will foster effective communication, promote understanding, and work towards constructive solutions.

Investment is $50/30 min or $80/hr

A link for payment will be sent right after booking.